ABK 700 Years of History

From The Beginning

Discover our rich history behind our beers! Our brewery dates back over 700 years and we continue to use the same locally grown Hallertau hops and grains from the same local farms to make the worlds oldest and best beers!

Pre 1308

Before 1308 it was privately owned by the Twinger family and very little documentation has survived from before this time.


Henry Twinger, a wealthy local Baron loved the citizens of Kaufbeuren so much he bequeathed his brewery to them when he passed.


The 1325 brewers guild pact and the 1516 Bavarian purity laws ensured only local, pure and natural ingredients could be used. Try it in the ABK Hell Beer.


Under the watchful eye of legendary master brewer Zur Traube Güldenen in the 17th century, the Aktien Brewery mastered it’s recipes to make the german craft beers that are still used today


It became one of the very first breweries in Bavaria to produce the then “forbidden” german wheat beer that had, until then, been brewed exclusively for Bavarian Royalty.


Aktien Brewery dominated the world’s beer competitions from the late 1800’s, winning dozens of awards and Gold medals.


It soon became a favourite of Bavarian royalty, including his Royal Highness Prince Ludwig who Visited the Brewery In 1901 who wanted to taste these legendary beers himself.


700 years on and ABK beer is still the same great tasting beer! Only using the same three pure ingredients that were promised to those faithful ABK drinkers 700 years ago.