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ABK Munique Glass

ABK Munique Glass

ABK Munique Glass

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ABK Munique Glass
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Enjoy a crisp, refreshing beer in our official ABK Munique Glass. The traditional glass that pilsner beer is drunk from. Worldwide Brewers put a lot of time and research into ensuring that their packaged beers taste as if they were just poured from the tap. Why do we do this? Research, again and again, shows us the glass can affect the taste of a beer!

Lasered Notches called 'nucleation points' are etched onto the inside of our glasses, this causes a reaction called 'carbonation'  which creates head retention. enhanced aroma and an all-round better-tasting experience. Or to look at it another way it's just a 'kick-ass glass'

  • Capacity: 1 Pint (500 ML)
  • Traditional Wheat beer glass
  • Made From Premium Cut Glass
  • Nucleated glass

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