ABK Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy ABK Beer?

You Can Buy ABK Beer directly from our website. Just a few years ago you would rarely see an ABK beer outside of our home in bavaria, kaufbeuren, things have changed drastically! Find us in restaurants, pubs, cafes, supermarkets or even order directly to your home!

What is ABK Beer?

Abk beer comes from one of the oldest breweries in the world and is the winner of the world beer championships in 2017. Founded in 1308 when a wealthy baron in bavaria passed on his brewery to the local people. The people diligently care for the brewery for over 700 years. ABK has several types of beer brewed from this historic brewery. Hell "das Blaue" as it called in germany is the most famous and iconic.

Where is the ABK Brewery?

The ABK brewery is located in Kaufbeuren, bavaria, germany. The region is also known as the swabian region which is in southwestern Germany. ABK is the oldest brewery in swabia.

Why Isn't my Favourite Style of ABK Beer in Stock?

Perhaps you first tried our beer on draft in your local? Unfortunately not all of our styles of beer are in a bottled form, this is because up until the Covid-19 Pandemic almost all of our business was direct to business' in the U.K and we held very little bottled stock. Stay tuned though as that is changing!

How Do I Contact ABK Brewery?

Simply Drop us an email at info@abkbrewery or text us on 07587 004368

What does ABK stand for beer?

Aktienbrauerei Kaufbeuren which is the oldest brewery in Swabia, Germany.